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The transactions of healthcare providers span the same wide spectrum as those in other sectors of commerce, but contract terms that may be best practices in other business contexts can be illegal or fraught with regulatory risk is the healthcare industry.

A variety of state and federal laws and regulations often dictate the permissible provisions in transactions involving those in the healthcare business. Indeed, some contracts, such as HIPAA business associate agreements, are themselves required by law in situations where parties ordinarily would not choose to have contracts at all.

In light of these regulatory realities, properly structured healthcare transactions require legal counsel experienced with both commercial transactions and the special rules that apply to those transactions in the healthcare space.

Healthcare Transactions Services

The experienced healthcare attorneys at Wise Carter regularly assist all types of healthcare clients with their efforts to structure the myriad variety of healthcare transactions they require to succeed.

These transactions require attorneys with detailed knowledge of the complex and overlapping federal and state laws and regulations endemic to the healthcare industry, such as:

  • The Stark law
  • Fraud and Abuse laws
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • State ethics laws
  • Public purchasing laws
  • Certificate of Need laws

Our Experience

Wise Carter has the knowledge and experience to structure transactions that are effective for a client’s business needs and compliant with the network of laws, rules and regulations within which the client must function.

Experienced legal counsel is required for executing properly structured healthcare transactions.

Wise Carter attorneys are knowledgeable and routinely advise clients on healthcare laws and regulations affecting the structure and implementation of transactions with accountable care organizations, employment and service agreements, leases and asset purchase agreements.

We negotiate and prepare physician recruitment, employment and practice acquisition contracts, hospital leases and management contracts, and affiliations and joint ventures among a wide variety of public and private individuals and entities, including public hospitals, tax-exempt organizations and state agencies.

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In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, the move to more integrated care models has only increased the frequency with which healthcare providers need to involve themselves in transactions with others.

The incentives for efficiency and quality the current environment demands are often a challenge under regulations that prohibit many types of incentive based compensation and risk sharing arrangements. The healthcare lawyers at Wise Carter are prepared and available to help healthcare clients meet these challenges today and in the future.

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