Wise Carter proudly supports The University of Mississippi School of Law’s HBCU Law Preview Day. Suzette Turner represented Wise Carter on the discussion panel at this event and attended alongside our Diversity Committee Chair, Virginia Gautier. 

Being a recent University of Mississippi Law Student and having attend a HBCU, Suzette Turner was a well-suited representative on the panel discussion. The panel offered candid conversations about varied experiences in dealing with racism, classism, and sexism throughout their legal education and careers. They were able to share strategies and methods with students on how to overcome and navigate those occurrences to find pathways to success. As well as reaffirm many of the old stigmas in practicing law are fading. 

Unaware of the HBCU Law Preview Day during her time of education, Suzette shared of the volumes it spoke of the active steps Ole Miss Law continues to take towards increasing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Suzette felt the value of Wise Carter’s presence and stated, “Simply meeting lawyers that looks like them and it is equally as important meeting lawyers that don’t look like them that are willing to show up and support creates impact.”

Wise Carter’s Diversity Committee is committed to growing the firm with diversified talent to provide a more dynamic perspective. These events are crucial in gaining diversity on all fronts in the legal field and provides underrepresented students the simple tools that allow them to be successful in their endeavors.

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