Wise Carter attorney, Charlie Russell, served as lead trial counsel for Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad (d/b/a CN) in a Federal Employers Liability Act matter tried in the District Court of Pottawattamie County, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The Plaintiff claimed he injured his cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as the result of excessive exposure to whole-body vibration, shock, jolts while operating locomotives over the course of his 20-year railroad career working as a locomotive engineer.

Plaintiff claimed that he underwent four spine surgeries and had seven levels of his spine fused as the result of Chicago, Central & Pacific’s alleged negligence. Plaintiff sought damages in excess of two million dollars.

Chicago, Central & Pacific contended that it provided Plaintiff with a reasonably safe workplace and that its alleged negligence did not cause Plaintiff’s alleged injuries. 19 witnesses, including 10 expert witnesses testified at trial. After a seven day trial, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of Chicago, Central & Pacific.

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