Mergers & Acquisitions
The attorneys at Wise Carter routinely assist clients with due diligence, the negotiation and drafting of purchase and sale documentation for asset or equity acquisitions and mergers for companies in diverse industries, including manufacturers, utilities and consulting and professional firms. In conjunction with our healthcare section, we assist hospitals in acquiring physician practices and in the sale and leasing of private and nonprofit governmental hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies and durable medical equipment companies. In the process of successfully closing transactions, Wise Carter has developed close working relationships with regulators, accountants and consulting firms providing fair market valuation opinions to support these transactions.

The Firm’s attorneys frequently advise out-of-state firms on the state’s securities laws and regulations on proposed acquisitions, both friendly and unfriendly. Our attorneys often serve as local counsel to merger and acquisition firms outside of Mississippi concerning the laws and regulations in context with a proposed or pending acquisition.