Healthcare Transactions & Compliance Counseling
The experienced attorneys at Wise Carter regularly counsel healthcare providers to assist their efforts to comply with the complex array of legal and regulatory rules applicable to them. This includes day to day operational advice, as well as structuring virtually every type of healthcare transaction. This requires detailed knowledge of the complex and overlapping federal and state laws and regulations endemic to the healthcare industry, such as state ethics laws, CON, Stark, EMTALA, HIPAA, Fraud and Abuse laws, and the many aspects of the Affordable Care Act. We also assist with preparation of compliance plans tailored to the client’s operations to avoid inadvertent violation of these laws.

Wise Carter attorneys are knowledgeable and routinely advise clients on special tax and antitrust laws and regulations affecting the structure and implementation of preferred provider organizations, physician-hospital organizations, leases and service contracts with publicly financed hospitals, tax-exempt healthcare foundations, community hospitals and group purchase organizations. We efficiently negotiate and prepare physician recruitment, employment and practice acquisition contracts, hospital leases and management contracts, and affiliations and joint ventures among a wide variety of public and private healthcare providers. The Firm also routinely assists clients with matters relating to governing board and medical staff issues.