Experienced Professionals


Wise Carter has a history of excellence, integrity and commitment that spans over one hundred years. Our Firm has served as counsel, in virtually every area of civil law, to some of the largest and most influential businesses in the Southeast. Through the major changes in the legal industry and business environment, Wise Carter has built upon our extensive history and continues to serve as one of Mississippi’s leading law firms. 


Wise Carter’s sizable staff of knowledgeable attorneys allows us to give clients efficient and experienced legal assistance. By operating a multi-disciplinary Firm, with a broad range of practice areas among our Firm’s team members, we can provide our clients the most inclusive and complete support.


Team-Driven & Client-Centered


Our Firm is committed to providing professional, personal and client-centered service. Our approach to service begins by understanding our clients’ business goals. We then work to develop the resources necessary to help achieve them.


We take the team approach to client problem-solving, and each client-connected team is built upon cohesive, one-on-one relationships. Wise Carter’s team approach allows us to craft each team with attorneys from the specific practice areas necessary to reach successful results for our clients. All team members are involved in every facet of the complex issues impacting our clients.


Innovative Solutions


Our mission at Wise Carter is to find solutions to our clients’ problems that best serve their interests. This begins with an understanding of our clients’ business operation and goals and often requires creative thinking beyond the usual approach to legal issues. This creativity is the intangible that sets Wise Carter apart from other law firms. Our ability to achieve our clients’ goals in every environment - whether judicial, governmental or business - is why our long-term clients remain with our Firm and new clients choose our Firm. Our reputation for success for our clients, achieved without compromising our integrity, is also the best evidence of our Firm’s professionalism.